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People can quickly become addicted to cocaine. It's addictive qualities are also the very things that can cause treatment for cocaine addiction to be difficult at times. Because of this there is no general consensus of one single treatment for cocaine addiction. Rather, to help treat someone who is addicted to cocaine a combination of pharmacological and behavioral treatments are best.

Pharmacological Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

The treatment of cocaine addiction is a multi billion dollar industry. The 34 million people, in the US alone, who are addicted to cocaine is the reason why there is such a need for this type of rehabilitation and treatment.

Unfortunately there is not a single medication approved to help with the treatment of cocaine addictions. Since cocaine causes such a depressive state shortly after "coming down" from the high of the use, it is recommended that anti-depressants be used to combat the depressive feelings. 

Behavioral Treatments for Cocaine Addiction

Great strides have been made in the area of behavioral treatments for cocaine addictions. It has been shown through several years of outpatient therapeutics that a severe addiction to cocaine can be dealt with successfully. This type of treatment can involve a residential type treatment or on a strictly outpatient basis.

In either case there are changes that need to be made in the life of the addict and the people who are supporting them. Physical settings, environmental changes, psychological aspects, as well as family and social interactions all play a part in a successful treatment of cocaine addiction.

Residential treatment is just that. The patient is admitted to a hospital, or dedicated substance abuse rehab center, to get the support they need while the body goes through withdrawals and tries to compensate for the loss of the drug. When initially coming off of cocaine the depression can be severe and the round the clock supervision is greatly needed as the patient will suffer through bouts of suicidal thoughts.

Outpatient status is less controlled but can be very supportive for the person suffering through a cocaine addiction. Programs such as vocational rehabilitation, support groups, career counseling, and enrolling in a program such as Narcotics Anonymous, can help the patient struggle through their treatment process in a more nurturing environment.

Also, it is important to note that the most important factor in the treatment of a cocaine addict is the role that their family and/or close friends have in this. Their continued praise and uplifting thoughts will help create a sense, or desire, to be better and give them strength to struggle through hard, difficult times. 

Treatments for Cocaine Addictions Are Continually Improving

As of now the single, most effective cocaine addiction treatment is in the behavioral process. However, because of the continued effort in creating pharmaceutical means of treatment, an amalgam of both medical and behavioral methods may be what is in store in the future.

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